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Nikitta – Barcelona

Nikitta 07 Sby greg mirzoyan photographer photo fotografo foto barcelone barcelona modelo model rooftop.jpg

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Polaroid – Maider – BCN – 2015

maider pola 02

Angela @ View Management

TS7A7322-ModifierAngela by Greg_Mirzoyan

Angela @ View Management

TS7A7180-ModifierAngela by Greg_Mirzoyan

From a 5D’s point of view.

Here we are, the whole series we be here from now on and the
final selection on my website within a couple of days.
Click on the picture below to access to the gallery

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Can you handle Reality?

MF Mamiya RZ67 Pro II – B&W film

 Hey, The story around this shot is funny as we were trying to get a nice shot with the MKII and just couldn’t get through it, so we just gave up and I tried one shot with the MF, and it seems to be the one.

This picture intimidates me to be honest…

Elephants are hot, aren’t they?

Medium format shot – raw file

The setup here is funny: A light meter, a subject (Romy), no additional light source and literally 5 mins and 2 tries before this shot. this wasn’t planned, it’s just a random one.