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Winter in Ibiza


On the way to Lopburi, Thailand – yashica t5

On the way to Lopburi, Thailand


Toy boxes


A lot of material to process

Hello everyone!

greg mirzoyan

It’s been a while I know… After my trip to Sardegna, I went to France for a couple of days, then 3 days in Stuttgart Germany + Switzerland for some commercial video shots + ITWs Ā + photoshoots and as soon as I got back I flew to NYC USA to complete a bunch of different projects including video/photo shoots for Rollerblade in Fitness + Urban segment.

greg mirzoyan

greg mirzoyan

I am on my way back right now, in Geneva Switzerland starting off with the selection of all this which is gonna take me a few days for sure! I will be posting my work regularly as it gets done. I have about 10 days to sort this all out before the next trip, should be enough… šŸ™‚

greg mirzoyan

greg mirzoyan katz's nyc

KATZ's hot dog NYC

My last trip to Paris

I went to Paris for a few days at Christmas time, profited from this trip to go to Angelina (my fav tea house) with my cousin, visit my family/friends,Ā  get some work done, do a little shopping and finally came back just after new year’s eve.

My cousin

Holiday home work

Random sticker

Paris > Barcelona