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Photoshoot Nue de femme

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Stylist: Emmanuelle Frank

Location: Barcelona

Backstage video:

more backstage pictures: here



I’m sorry I haven’t had a chance to update my blog in the last weeks, the reason for this is because I have been working on post processing and had a photo shoot for a slylist based in Barcelona and then left to Paris on that same day (the 25th of may) for a few days, from Paris I went to Zurich (Switzerland) to shoot this event called ‘move city’ met the Agressive skating team of Rollerblade there and drove a couple of days later to Barcelona (Spain) to get some footage done.

After a few days we drove to Montpelier (south of France) for the FISE (certainly the biggest extreme sport festival in Europe) and last night we drove to Venise (Italy) ¬†where we arrived this morning for a rollerblade sales meeting where I’m gonna introduce next year’s Urban skates to the distributors worldwide.

On thursday we’ll be going to the UK for a small tour + this agressive skating comp called the ‘chaz dans invitational’. I will be going home from this long europe tour at the middle of June for another event in Barcelona but this time at Home!!!