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Teaser for the new Twister Edge 2018


Rollerblade Speed Team 2017 (Venice, Italy)

Speed Team 2017 by Greg Mirzoyan - SMALL--5

“Roll Further” Project

Video shot for Rollerblade© during March 2016 in USA introducing the new 3WD skates.


Shot in May 2014


Rollerblade 2012 compilation.

Some of my work from the past year.

It doesn’t seem to be slowing down


Yes I know it’s been a while… I’ve been touring through europe (as you can see in the videos below) spend some time in Paris as I went to shoot Taig’s jump and now I just got back from Krakow, Poland where I went to do some photo/video shoot for Rollerblade. I’ve met my friend Ben Brillante over there who came over to give me a hand especially when I needed to skate myself.

Now I’m back in Barcelona, just finished the post production and can now actually enjoy the summery atmosphere around here before I fly to London in a few days… I’ll be shooting some Urban skating and will¬†definitely keep you up to date!

Photoshoot Nue de femme

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Stylist: Emmanuelle Frank

Location: Barcelona

Backstage video:

more backstage pictures: here