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Aixa @ View Management

aixa by greg mirzoyan


Maider @ View Management

maider by greg mirzoyan

“Le chant d’une sirène”

Here is the final series, I’m sorry it took me so long, you must have enough now… well you can go check it out on my website my clicking on the picture below.

Take good care, merry christmas and enjoy the snow on the homepage of my blog…


My new website

This is a preview of my new website, just click on the picture underneath to access to it. Thanks to the precious help of my friend Monet (freelance designer) who made this site for me and sorted out my blog too! I met Monet in England a while ago but she lives in Spain now so we are going to do a photo/video-shoot very soon as she is an amazing  model as well! This should be done very soon so stay posted!