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X-Fit Challenge


Los Angeles


Polaroid backstage, July 2012 – San Francisco, USA

Backstage picture, July 2012 - San Francisco, USA

Latest work: Metropolitan II – The flip out.

This is the last video I’ve shot with my friend Ben Brillante a couple of months ago.

A FOOD production

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It doesn’t seem to be slowing down


Yes I know it’s been a while… I’ve been touring through europe (as you can see in the videos below) spend some time in Paris as I went to shoot Taig’s jump and now I just got back from Krakow, Poland where I went to do some photo/video shoot for Rollerblade. I’ve met my friend Ben Brillante over there who came over to give me a hand especially when I needed to skate myself.

Now I’m back in Barcelona, just finished the post production and can now actually enjoy the summery atmosphere around here before I fly to London in a few days… I’ll be shooting some Urban skating and will definitely keep you up to date!

During my last trip to Poland

Promotional shoot in Barcelona

About 3 weeks ago, we have been shooting this ‘Original Team’ video (same as last year in Paris see link 1 and link 2)

This year was in Barcelona

Same as last year, my friend Ben Brillante (skilled skater/camera man) has been filming for these 2 videos.