MF is hot!


Once again i’ve managed to forget my home work and i’m sorry about that!

Loads happened again since I last posted on my blog and i don’t even know where to start, and to be honest too much has been going on so we’re gonna forget about the dates…

Berlin Tempelhof Airport - Marathon village

Helmut Newton’s car @ Helmut Newton foundation, Berlin – Germany

I recently went from Paris to Berlin (to shoot the marathon for Rollerblade) and then went back to Barcelona to work on the videos I had to make out of it. I’ve been really busy moving out from my old flat in Barcelona to get into another one, and as soon as I moved in I flew to paris, went to a castle for a shoot in order to complete a series i’m working on these days with the medium format (I must say that this is all i’m about these days) and then flew to Zurich for a shoot with the new miss Switzerland (Alina Buchschacher)

I’m now on my way back to Paris to start a couple of new assignments and these will last a few more days before I fly back to Spain.

As I said before, apart from the commercial shots I’ve been spending a lot of time shooting polaroids and 120 films with the Mamiya RZ67, some of these pictures will be online by the end of the month. For a start here are a couple of previews:

Mamiya RZ67 pro II - fuji FP-3000 polaroid

Mamiya RZ67 pro II - Film 120 Kodak 400tx

I’ll be back soon, i promise !

Paris - Random street art


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