I’m sorry I haven’t had a chance to update my blog in the last weeks, the reason for this is because I have been working on post processing and had a photo shoot for a slylist based in Barcelona and then left to Paris on that same day (the 25th of may) for a few days, from Paris I went to Zurich (Switzerland) to shoot this event called ‘move city’ met the Agressive skating team of Rollerblade there and drove a couple of days later to Barcelona (Spain) to get some footage done.

After a few days we drove to Montpelier (south of France) for the FISE (certainly the biggest extreme sport festival in Europe) and last night we drove to Venise (Italy)  where we arrived this morning for a rollerblade sales meeting where I’m gonna introduce next year’s Urban skates to the distributors worldwide.

On thursday we’ll be going to the UK for a small tour + this agressive skating comp called the ‘chaz dans invitational’. I will be going home from this long europe tour at the middle of June for another event in Barcelona but this time at Home!!!


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