Photoshoot – natural light + reflector

It has a been a little while since I last done any fashion/portrait shots and as I have a couple of assignments on their way I thought it wouldn’t hurt to do a shoot or two as a warm up

I came up with the decision of using only natural light and diffusers/reflectors this year, I like reflectors better 1st because of the way it spreads light which can either be pretty strong just like on the pictures underneath or very subtle (like on the next series which will come up very soon šŸ˜‰

The 2nd reason why I want to start using them more is because of my working conditions… I am always outdoor, caring my bag all over the place. Reflectors are much lighter / solid and don’t have to be treated with so much respect like flashes and any kind of bulbs.

IĀ have been using one big Lasolite reflector like the one on the right side of this photo. Anyways here are the pics of Patricia (pictures taken in Barcelona last week between my last 2 trips) , some more from a different shoot will be up very soon, thanks for visiting !



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